Thursday, September 23, 2010

'Endhiran's treat for all Rajini fans' - Anthony

For editor Anthony, life is back on track. After working on the much-awaited Endhiran for the last three years, Anthony says he can get back to his routine. "For the last three years, I was concentrating on Endhiran. I was always on call with Shankar and we used to meet during odd hours to work on the edit. Now, that crazy part of my life is over. But, I'm already missing it," begins Anthony.

Talking about his crazy schedule, he continues, "Shankar used to finish shooting at 8 pm and come rushing to the edit suite on the location where I would be editing scenes that were shot two days earlier. We would finish work and send it to the animation studio immediately."

Anthony says that Endhiran will be a treat for all Rajini fans, irrespective of where they stay. He also adds that the climax will be the highlight of the film. "The last 25 minutes of the film will draw maximum applause. It has a lot of graphics that will make the audience go wow! Everyone will love Rajini for what he's done in the movie," he adds.

Endhiran is the first film for which Anthony has had a pre-visualisation session. He elaborates, "We used to work on rough graphics. For every single scene. For instance, we would first visualise two characters sitting and talking in a grey background, then shoot the scene and have a rough edit ready for that particular scene. The film has 4000 shots of graphics. We first calculated the timing and shots on an empty background and after the CG was completed, I trimmed it. Sometimes, the timing of the pre-visualisation edit and the final cut would end up getting mismatched. To set things right and to get it synchronised, I had to trim scenes."

Despite the film belonging to a sci-fi genre, Anthony insists the editing pattern was quite normal. "Endhiran neither has flashbacks nor jazzy scenes. The edit is slick and sleek and will keep the audience hooked for a good two hours."

Now that the film is ready to hit screens, Anthony has begun working on other films. "The editing work for the second schedule of Ko is happening now. We have also sent 7am Arivu for CG work. Apart from that, I'm also working on several other Kollywood projects," he signs off.