Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Rajini magic! Choregrapher turns into an ardent Fan!!

Remo D’Souza and the ‘Enthiran’ dance
Shankaran Malini
Express News Service

Having Superstar Rajinikanth and the stunning Aishwarya Rai Bachchan together in an AR Rahman song is marvelous. Being asked to make this larger-than-life combination even more spectacular can be a daunting task. But Remo D’Souza is a man who loves challenges, and so he gladly agreed to take this up.

“I was surprised when director Shankar asked me to choreograph this song for 'Enthiran'. I have choreographed song sequences for Aishwarya before ('Shabd') and for AR Rahman’s music in 'Lakeer' and 'Tehzeeb'. I have even worked with Shankar as an assistant choreographer in 'Mudhalvan', but this was my first working experience with Rajnikanth,” says Remo.

After choreographing this number, Remo has become a die-hard fan of Rajini. It took eight days to shoot this dance sequence. “This was the last sequence to be shot. All of it was done in Chennai at AVM Studios,” he adds.

What is the song like?

“'Irumbile Oru Irudayam Mulaikudo' is a racy number — a robotic, hypnotic, supersonic song with peppy lyrics (written by Karki, lyricist Vairamuthu’s son, who also co-wrote Enthiran’s dialogues alongside director Shankar). It has the English lyrics sung by Kash’n’Krissy,” says Remo, a dancer, actor and director himself.

Since his mother is a Tamilian, he could understand the lyrics. Moreover, Shankar explained to him the mood and situation of the song.

What is unique about the choreography?

“This is the first time both Rajini and Ash have attempted popping (a of funky street dance) and tutting (another form of street dance). These styles are slowly gaining popularity in Bollywood. They were popularised in the season of Dance India Dance,” Remo. “They require a lot of energy and I am amazed at how gracefully Aishwarya did it. Rajini, at sixty left me speechless at his dancing skills. I salute his dedication,” he adds.

There were obstacles too along the way.

“The biggest challenge was to incorporate this style when the costumes were so rigid. The song sequence required robotic movements as well. But it was worth the effort,” says Remo.

Now, all we can do is wait for the film’s release to catch the Superstar tutting and popping it with the beauty queen.