Sunday, September 26, 2010

Enthiran- The hottest movie in US -

Enthiran- The hottest movie in US
By Moviebuzz | Sunday, 26 September , 2010, 06:39.

The Enthiran wave has hit US and tickets are fast selling out all major releasing stations.

The tickets for the first week were sold out a sell out at the Jackson Heights in New York. Rajinikanth is the biggest Tamil star in America.

Superstar is the only legend who can give continuous excitement to his fans. Seattle is the one of his largest fans hub in the USA. Mayuri Videos, Redmond, the only store in Seattle which sells the exclusive Collector's edition tickets for Enthiran.

Local fans from Washington state have come and celebrated and bought the premier show tickets. Tickets for Enthiran premiere in cities across US are selling like hot cakes. The ticket price for premier show itself has created a new record, as they are selling at $ 40.

Please note that Rajinikanth’s last release Sivaji premiere tickets were sold at $25.